City of Melbourne



Urban Ecology and Biodiversity Strategy

The City of Melbourne is developing an Urban Ecology and Biodiversity Strategy to provide direction about how we manage and enhance municipal ecology and biodiversity.

Healthy ecosystems and rich biodiversity are vital for the liveability and wellbeing of our city. Protecting and enhancing biodiversity will support the health and wellbeing of our community and contribute to effective climate change adaptation actions. The City of Melbourne has developed this strategy to provide direction about how it manages and enhances the municipal ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem services. This strategy recognises that nature is diverse, that there are numerous benefits to supporting biodiversity, and that action is required to support and enhance it. By considering our city as an ecosystem, there is the opportunity to actively foster connections between people, plants, animals and the landscape, to create the legacy of a resilient, balanced and healthy urban environment for future generations to enjoy, and to nurture delight in the natural environment.


 Urban Forest Strategy

“Making a great city greener 2012-2032”

At the core of this strategy is a vision to create a resilient, healthy and diverse forest for the future. That creation begins by building upon the present and the past. The City of Melbourne is renowned for its historical parks, gardens and boulevards. These contribute greatly to the city’s character and are integral to its social and cultural life. It is important that the forest of the future maintains the essential character of the urban forest that Melbournian’s love. In developing this strategy, the City of Melbourne recognises the importance of a holistic, ‘whole-of-forest’ approach to understanding and managing this invaluable resource. Many of Melbourne’s landscapes were created well over 100 years ago in a different climatic and social environment. A significant number of our trees are nearing the end of their lives and landscapes are struggling to adapt to a changing climate. Now is the time to design and plant the forest of the future in a way that respects Melbourne’s unique character, responds to climate change and urban expansion, and underpins the health, liveability and wellbeing of the city and its inhabitants. The goal of this strategy is to guide the transition of our landscape to one that is resilient, healthy and diverse, and that meets the needs of the community. Its intended outcomes are to create resilient landscapes, community health and wellbeing and a liveable, sustainable city. Central to this is the vision to make our great city greener – to