Plan Melbourne


Plan Melbourne- A Sustainable and Resilient City

Plan Melbourne will guide the growth of our city for the next 35 years. It sets the strategy for supporting jobs, housing and transport, while building on Melbourne’s legacy of distinctiveness, liveability and sustainability:

  • To mitigate the impacts of increased average temperatures, Melbourne needs to maintain and enhance its urban forest of trees and vegetation on properties, lining transport corridors, on public lands, and on roofs, facades and walls. Other methods of cooling the city include the use of special heat-reflective coatings for dark building surfaces to reduce the amount of heat absorbed.

  • Greening must be integrated into planning frameworks and balanced with safety risk priorities. Too often, trees and greening are an afterthought in the planning and design of urban areas. In some cases, such as along transport corridors, concerns about the safety risks presented by trees can result in tree pruning and removal or the limitation of new plantings. In other cases, such as in established areas, tree canopy is lost through the process of replacing single dwellings and multi-dwelling redevelopment.