Project Personnel

rob-turk-original Rob Turk | Team Leader Environment and Sustainability, Arup

Rob is the Environment and Sustainability Leader of Arup’s Victorian office and has over 17 years experience in a range of carbon and climate change, sustainable development and environmental management projects within Australia and the UK.

Rob has considerable experience in preparing high profile landmark projects for local government in Victoria and has helped shaped some of Melbourne’s most influential strategies, such as project managing Melbourne City Council’s Zero Net Emissions by 2020. Rob’s role within this project is to bridge the gap between industry and research institutions by providing effective leadership in the establishment and continuance of this project.


 Dr. Rodney Van der Ree | Senior Urban Ecologist, City of Melbourne

Rodney is the senior urban ecologist with the City of Melbourne. He brings a blend of applied urban ecology research experience (he was part of the Australian Research for Urban Ecology for 16 years, with five years as Deputy Director) and practical application in his current role at the City of Melbourne.

Prior to working at City of Melbourne, Rodney was an active researcher with over 60 refereed papers and millions of dollars in research funding, and he continues to collaborate with researchers and practitioners globally. Consequently, he has a unique combination of skills and experience from both a research and local government perspective


 Phillip Johnson | Director, Phillip Johnson Landscaping

Phillip Johnson is recognised as an Australian sustainable landscape pioneer in the residential and commercial sectors. He leads one of the most awarded firms in the industry, known for their natural pools, green walls and the creation of thriving habitats – centred on the use of indigenous and native plants, sustainable sourcing and construction practices and integrated water management.

Working with leading architects, developers, government and residential clients across the country, Phillip has been ‘recreating habitats’ for more than 20 years. He is a passionate advocate for sustainability and the environment, and is focused on greening our cities through ongoing work with urban planners, commercial partners and research institutions.


Vaughn Greenhill, General Manager, Phillip Johnson Landscapes

Vaughn’s focus has been working with Phillip to bring innovation to their product offering, realized in projects such as the Chelsea Flower Show wining Gold and Brest-in-show at the 100th year anniversary of the event. Focus on dedicated design and landscape architecture solutions; and building the foundation for Phillip Johnson Landscapes to be the Australian leaders in natural pool design and construction. Vaughn is committed to growing the business’ residential work on a national level, to foster biodiversity and sustainability “one backyard at a time”; as well as working with government and commercial partners to create a new approach towards public open spaces. This philosophy centres on designing “with nature and water” to create self-sustaining, energizing landscapes that don’t require mains power or water.


 Alistair Phillips | Director of Conservation, Greening Australia

Alistair is a conservation and sustainability professional with 20 years experience managing staff, providing policy analysis, strategy development and program implementation. Alastair has worked within the not-for-profit sector, state and local government, and the consulting sectors in New South Wales and Victoria.

elisa_raulingsElisa Raulings| Manager, Conservation Science and Planning, Greening Australia

Elisa’s training is in plant form, planting design and ecology. Elisa brings a different perspective on architecture and plant form, her interests in this project are around how animals move between green places in urban environments, the resources they are looking for and how that is provided for benefit to all.  need to provide, and which species are likely to benefit. Elisa manages the Melbourne Conservation, Planning and Science team. This team strives to combine science with on-ground delivery to improve the wellbeing of plants, animals and people in both rural and urban landscapes.

233e755Sacha Jellinek | Senior Ecologist, Conservation Planning and Science, Greening Australia

Sacha has worked in a number of conservation based government and non-government organisations throughout Australia and in South-East Asia.  Sacha’s role includes monitoring and developing management plans for large conservation reserves, and using tools such as ecological models to determine the most effective areas to restore in fragmented landscapes. Sacha’s work has largely focused on rural landscapes, determining the most effective ways to restore biodiversity in these degraded landscapes, and how to better involve landholders in restoration activities. Hence, his focus in this project is to better understand how different animals use the urban landscape, how to make urban areas more accessible for native animals, and how to most effectively measure ecosystem services in human dominated landscapes.