Research Partnerships


Australian Research Council

The ARC is an Australian Government Commonwealth entity. Its mission is to deliver policy and programs that advance Australian research and innovation globally and benefit the community.

In seeking to achieve its mission, the ARC provides advice to Government on research matters, administers the National Competitive Grants Program, and administers Excellence in Research for Australia.


 Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group

The Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group is a team of researchers working to understand the interaction between society and our environment. Managing biodiversity demands a multidisciplinary approach that reconciles ecological, social and economic dimensions.

The Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group examines these diverse drivers of change, particularly in urban and semi-rural environments. Our aim is to address the gap between conservation theory and real world practice in complex planning environments.


School of Geography 

The school of Geography is organised into four research themes that reflect and shape research strategy across the University’s campuses in Nottingham, China and Malaysia. These themes focus and co-ordinate innovative research activity, encourage collaboration within and beyond the school, foster and incorporate new and younger members of staff, and generate a critical mass of researchers in key areas of research, and provide research leadership.

The Environment and Society group is active in interdisciplinary research within the University and beyond this, for example, through Universitas 21 and EC FP7 projects, and in partnership with the Third Sector.


Integrative Ecology group 

The Ecology group in the Holchuli Lab, uses multiscale approaches to examine the mechanisms driving the ecology of a range of species, especially in novel ecosystems. We’re particularly interested in bridging the divides between different approaches to doing ecology, integrating behaviour and physiology with patterns and processes at community and landscape scales. Have a look around below to see what we’ve done, what we’re currently doing and for information about joining us.


Fuller Lab

We are a group of researchers headed by Richard Fuller and based at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. We are studying how people have affected the natural world around them, and how some of their destructive effects can best be reversed. On the flip side, we are also keen to understand whether and how people can benefit positively from experiences of biodiversity.

To answer these questions we work on pure and applied topics in biodiversity and conservation, spanning the fields of conservation planning, conservation psychology and urban ecology. Much of our work is interdisciplinary, focusing on the interactions between people and nature, how these can be enhanced, and how these relationships can be shaped to converge on coherent solutions to the biodiversity crisis.